Hospitality Management

We've been delivering results in hotel management for decades. Let's work on leveling up your hospitality services.

Hospitality is a tough game

Globex’s management team combines over 100 years of hotel experience with a proven track record to deliver business changing results. Whether a hotel is small in a tertiary market, a mid-sized branded hotel or a luxury resort, Globex Management has the experience to deliver unparalleled success.

We can provide full-service hotel management, contract negotiations, management and oversight and liaison with lenders and franchisors. Support for individual disciplines is also available on a one-off or contract basis.


Managing Every Aspect of Your Business

Brand Development & Marketing

Using all the tools that fit to develop and broadcast your brand.

Revenue Management

Understanding and implementing structures that appreciate dynamic demand environments and price accordingly across multiple channels.

Online Distribution Management

Full online travel agent strategy development and rate and inventory controls.

Human Resources

Policy development, CBA negotiations, compensation strategy and structure, benefits.

Information Technology

All the work behind the analysis, recommendations and management of the networking, hardware and software environment the hotel has or deserves.

Accounting & Finance

We’re better at counting than anyone. Just joking, control processes, A/R and A/P management, financial statements, inventory, lender liaison, restructuring debt, term sheet negotiation, future planning.

Food & Beverage Management

Accurate menu costing, portion controls, supplier management, rebate management, detailed reporting and inventory controls.

Commercial Cleaning

Not just hotel cleaning, anything where exceptionally clean, sanitized and disinfected spaces are required. Floor care, window care and all aspects of regular cleaning.

Commercial Laundry Management

Time and motion studies, efficiency analysis, establishing clear understanding of costs (per item, per pound), commission sales arrangements.

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