Business Solutions for Success

We can help manage a piece of your business, or all of your business, or just the parts that you don't want to do, or don't have time to do.

Better Managed, Better Profits

Globex has a proven track record in all areas of general business management and oversight. The management team has decades of experience encompassing multi-national corporations, government agencies, family-owned business and a wide variety of Canadian corporations.

┬áIn some cases, business owners and Boards are looking for general management oversight, in other cases it’s a specific service or one time project. No matter the challenge, Globex is capable of delivering dramatic business results and unparalleled success. Experience global excellence in your business today.


For When You Need a Hand


Review, A/R, A/P, financial statement generation, control and inventory process.

Debt Structuring & Negotiation

Term sheets, liaison with lenders, securing alternate financing.

Capital Asset Management

All aspects of planning of the management of buildings and equipment.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Short term or long term arrangement to manage the business while the insolvency process is followed through.


Diverse amount of multi-national retail experience to help the customer direct side your business flourish from customer reviews, to strategy development, physical changes, pricing, sales promotion and follow through.

Customer Service

Using the Global best of the best resources to observe, recommend and course correct organizations to deliver world class customer service.

Marketing & Sales

Digital marketing strategy and design, marketing plans including promotional strategy and personal selling (including commissioned sales).

Custom Reporting

Working with manual and divergent systems to generate all of the information each situation needs, in one place.

Human Resources & Training

Policy review/development, benefit and compensation, needs analysis, feedback programs, delivering training material and assisting in program selection.


Managing OS&E, FF&E, and other acronyms that have E’s in them. Ha ha. It doesn’t matter whether the scope is large or small and the purchases one time or ongoing – we can take care of it all.

Risk Management

From the small to the largest of jobs, ensuring the most complex projects have their risk managed and are delivered as the owner expects.

Information Technology

All elements of review, recommendations, management and procurement of networking, hardware, and software environments.

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